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Manor’s Certified Landscape Designer

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Jen Pettersen

What is a Certified Designer?

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association offers a professional development program to landscape designers to ensure they possess the highest degree of proficiency in Residential Landscaping Design/Build.

This National Certification Program requires the individual to have seven years of experience and education as a landscape designer. An evaluation and portfolio review by industry professionals is also required annually.

Ensure your landscape project is designed by a professional who is recognized by their peers & in the community.

Hire a Certified Landscape Designer and watch your property come to life.

Having a Certified Landscape Designer is a unique service offered by Manor Landscaping that ensures your project will be completed to the highest degree of quality and care.

After an initial consultation at your home to determine your needs and wishes a fee is charged to produce a formal, large scale CAD drawing that is yours to keep. From this drawing a quotation of the project is determined.

The landscaping project can be done in stages or all at once, depending on the scale of it. Jen will meet with you at every stage of the project from picking out the stone type to explaining plant selection. Jen also serves as on-site project manager.

Having the designer on your project in a bonus in and of itself; actually having her oversee it from the first blot of ink on paper to the placement of the last roll of sod is unique!

You deserve this attention of detail, and so does your property.