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Outdoor Lighting in Guelph

Outdoor lighting (nightscaping), offers many benefits to your property.

Not only does it improve the overall look and design, but it also adds a safety element.

There are various types of outdoor lights you can install which will enhance the look and style of your home, while also offering a level of safety and functionality.

A hot trend in the world of nightscaping is incorporating LED lighting in your lawn and hardscape design. LED lights are versatile because you can set the wattage and color of your lights without the heat you would normally produce with incandescent lights.

Furthermore, LED lights do not attract mosquitoes or other annoying bugs. Illuminate your walkway, add lighting to your statement tree, and elucidate your backyard garden with LED lights.

outdoor lighting services

Types of Outdoor Lights

pathway lighting

Pathway Lights

low voltage accent lights

Spot & Accent Lights

deck and brick lights

Deck and Brick Lights

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